Out of the BlueRedYellow

Naturally dyed  Indigo  Kumo Shibori I saree  in  organza


A dot on a walk 
Meets yellow, out of the blue
and red swings by

With BlueRedYellow, we revisit, redefine and add to the ever-evolving wardrobe of ideas that originated from our former garment collection ‘Out of the Blue’.  

Organza mokume shibori saree naturally dyed in kasmi

Carrying forward the philosophies of zero-waste pattern making and natural dyeing, we have recreated a capsule collection of sarees and garments that surprise you each time you interact with it . Expressed through the traditional Japanese craft of Shibori, these garments speak of simplicity, in a palette of primary colours and an array of dots playfully arranged across the textiles. 

Meandering in scatters and groups, forming varied shapes and forms, these dots guide the function of the apparel. In a way, this is an ongoing journey of a dot, preserving material memory, dipped in blue, red and yellow.

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Colour blocked tussar silk saree naturally dyed in natural indigo, haldi & madder red