The JamBan Journals

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The Jamban Journals is a dedicated documentation of journeys – Of Women and our Sarees. Be a part of this journey and watch them evolve, each in their own way.

A playful amalgamation of territories & traditions, this collection of contemporary sarees is Medium's experimentation with Bengal's extra weft weaving delicately syncing with Gujarat's indigenous tie-dye techniques.


A photo journal of contemporary sarees and textiles, the JamBan Journals derives it's essence from the everyday lives of women who inspire us.

 The saree itself is such a versatile garment. What fits me, fits my mother and grandmother and yet, it envelopes each of us so differently - almost as if it could impersonate our personalities. The idea was to to explore the same by recording the saree's journey in relationship with these women, in different stages of their lives.

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