“I Am” is the expression of day to day living in its rawest form - through postures. The natural movement and positioning of the body has much to reveal about action, emotion and the fleeting limbo of subconscious thought.


I AM by Studio Medium

To sit, sprint, stretch and sprawl are so instinctive to our bodies that we rarely give a second look to the state of the skin that wraps around our bones - Just the way cloth is wrapped around a pole before it is twisted and dyed to speak through patterns, in a technique of tie and dye the Japanese call “Arashi”.

This collection is a blend of traditional Hira-Nui Shibori alloyed with spasms of “Arashi”. The textiles in this range are conducive for liberated movement and focus on the bend of bodies in drapes to underline every natural action, however simple, perceived through an artistic eye.

Hence, it was just as vital to represent this collection in a photographic series that opens our minds to wrap around the idea of being able to sit, sprint, stretch or sprawl IN A SAREE. Because free movement and nine-yard drapes need not be in two different frames.

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I am : bent over in uninhibited laughter

I AM by Studio Medium

I am: taking little steps towards daylight

I am: calling out to you with every inch of my skin